Vacation Day 1 - Yankee Boy

I finally got the pictures from our vacation off Justin's computer and on to let the blogging begin! 

Day 1 of our Ouray reunion vacation was definitely one of the best!  We spent the day at Yankee Boy Basin, one of my favorite places.  We loaded up the jeeps and endured a hair raising ride with Crazy Uncle up to our normal exploring spot.  The day was spent enjoying the twin falls, hiking, picnicing, and posing for pictures!  The weather was perfect meaning we wore our jackets all day!  I have so many memories from this place!  One that will always stick out is when I was probably 15 or 16 and Crazy Uncle let me and Katie drive his blue jeep on the 4x4 trail.  I remember being scared b/c I couldn't see the road over the front of the jeep going up the mountain.  I'll also always think of the day that Kara, Jordan, and I hiked straight up the mountain with no regard to a trail.  Our parents said we would never make it to the ridge...but we did despite encountering bushes, swamp, and avalanche territory!  Now I have new memories to fill the basin of watching Bella and Kendall enjoy the same simple dam building and river wading that I enjoyed as a child.  This was a perfect way to start a great vacation!  Can you believe the sky in these pics??

Beautiful San Juan's

Cookie and Bella building a dam


The Twin Falls


Keith said...

Wasn't it great!!? We're so thankful for family and for the beauty of God's creation and the opportunity to enjoy those two things together! Thanks for the post.

CrazyUncle said...

A hair-raising ride, huh? I was extra careful with y'all in the car. Still, we did have fun, right? Thanks for spending the week with all of us. Oh yeah, we're glad Cookie came, too. Thanks for sharing your photos.