Vacation Day 4 - Cascade Falls

On vacation Day 4, we decided to take it a little easy and spent the day in town and visiting Cascade Falls.  The falls was very full this year and beautiful.  We had a fun time hiking around the falls and a bunch of us hiked up a trail we had never been on before.  The trail took us to an overlook over the town of Ouray and then up to a ledge that lead under the falls.  Later that day we shopped around in town and attempted to get a pedicure!  Who knew the going price of a pedicure in small town Colorado is $50! 

 Cute little Bella!

 Deuce and Chappy!

 Justin crossing the river.

 View of Ouray!

 Fiver aka Rita...can you tell how dangerously close to the edge she is??  Like literally leaning over it!

 I played it safe and didn't lean over the edge.

 Wait...was that me or is this??   What color shirt did I have on that day?

 Street view of Ouray while shopping.