Vacation Day 5 - Owl Creek Hike

No trip to Ouray would be complete without a family hike!  So on Day 5, we tackled an "easy" trail....Owl Creek.  Kyle assured us it was an easy trail and the kids would have no problem.  Perhaps the 5 year olds had no problem but the 3 year olds and adults did not consider the uphill switchbacks for most of the hike as easy!  All kidding aside, we had a great hike despite the on and off drizzle.  We also enjoyed playing in and around the creek at the turnaround spot.  That evening we ate at our favorite Ouray dining spot, Buen Tiempo.  We topped off a great day with ice cream at Mouse's!

Owl Creek Trailhead...Maybe crazyuncle will post his group shot at this spot!

 Walker...which way do we go?

 View of Ouray from the trail and through the drizzle.

 Owl Creek!

 Kara and Baby Ford throwing rocks.

 The kids enjoying ice cream at Mouse's!

Love that smile Baby Ford :)


CrazyUncle said...

We walked in the on and off drizzle. For shizzle we did. Only a few people fizzled. We played a bit in the streamizzle. Still, I am glad Waldo posted these photographizzles.