Back in the Saddle Again

It is time I get back in the old blogging saddle!  I definitely want to update frequently after we move for my faithful readers (do I have any??) as well as my own documentation!  I love reading back over posts from past years!  We are scheduled to leave Dallas on Saturday, February 25th at 6:40 pm and will arrive in LA at 8:00 pm.  We leave LA at 10:00 pm and arrive in Auckland at 8:00 am on Monday, February 27th!  The flight from LA to Auckland is 13 hours but we lose an entire day during the flight.  On the return trip from Auckland to Dallas, you take off and land at almost the exact same time!  So we will have to wait 18 months to get that day back.  My company has arranged for a car to pick us up and for 30 days of temporary housing at the Connaught Apartments which are less then half a mile from my office.  The packers are coming on February 2nd to pack and move our belongings.  Then we will stay with my parents until we leave.  It has been crazy trying to get everything in order at work and home for a move across the country!  Things are starting to fall into place but we are both stressed about all the details.  I just keep trying to tell myself to relax and what happens, happens!  That seems to be the only way to deal with everything since all the details seem to be constantly changing.  I'm not going to try and catch up on my blogging entirely but there are a few fun trips we took this past fall and winter that I want to document.  We had our new camera for some of the trips so I want to be sure and share some of our pics.  So check back soon for a few new updates!


CrazyUncle said...

That first arrival in your new host country is so scary and so exciting. It will be an experience unlike any other. Enjoy it...even those bad days (yes, I am sure you will have some). Kathie used to call the "Mexico Days."

Brenda Walker said...

I will still be a faithful reader. It will be fun to hear about all your experiences in a different country. Can't wait to see all the pictures too.