The Last Time

The last time I saw my brother was on February 13, 2011.  We had a Valentine's Day celebration lunch at my parent's house for the whole family.  My mom wanted to get everyone together to express her love for us all and hoped it would become a Walker family Valentine's tradition.  As usual my mom gave favors to all in attendance but I only remember that all the girls got fun Texas themed nail polish in various shades of red and pink.   Ben brought his girlfriend to meet the extended family for the first time.  She talked about the thoughtful gifts Ben bought her and their plans for the next evening.  Justin and I were excited about the possibility of transferring to London on a rotation with my firm.  Ben seemed excited for us and I know he would have been even more excited about New Zealand.  Kara and Aaron announced to the family that they were hoping to plant a church in Colorado and that they had officially started that process.   Our family was understandably upset with the news that their family could be moving within the year.  Ben told my mom not to worry because he would never move away.   

That is all I remember of the last day I spent with my brother.  I'm not sure if we hugged or said I love you when we left although we had exchanged those gestures plenty of times in the past.  That day didn't seem of consequence until March 6, 2011 but now, I suppose, it is a day I will never forget. 


CrazyUncle said...

I am sure you have relived everything about that evening countless times in the last year. I'm glad you have such vivid memories.

Brenda Walker said...

Thank you for sharing memories of that special evening with us!

Momma Ward said...

Lindsay, hold on to those precious memories. I think about the last time I was with my dad alot also. It just helps us know that we never do know when that moment will be, so we must make the most of all our times with loved ones. I love you and Justin and will really miss y'all, but really excited for your adventure. Love Susan/Mom