Auckland Day 5

My second day in the office was rather uneventful but I did snap a few shots to show the view.  You can't tell very well from these but it really is a nice view.  You can see the working harbor but beyond that when you are in person, you can see the green islands in the distance.  Our office has open air shopping and restaurants on the first floor and a unique design.  The big news of the day was that we found an apartment!  Hopefully, we get it because we love it!  I'll post more after it is finalized.

View from the 7th floor

Another view from the 7th floor

The open air lobby


grandaddy said...

Loved the news and pics are awesome. Hope you get the apartment, I guess there is a doubt? Love u bunches grandmummy and grandaddy

CrazyUncle said...

So many of the restaurants and malls in Mexico were also open air. Of course, Guadalajara is more temperate than Auckland, so that may explain it. Anyway, we got used to it and enjoyed it. I hope your experience is equally fun and exciting. Keep the posts and photos coming.