First Weekend in Auckland

Justin and I took full advantage of our first weekend in Auckland. We knew we wanted to get out of the city centre and see some of the famous landscape. We were warned by more than a few people that a huge storm was coming through on Saturday. So we planned to stay in on Saturday and venture out on Sunday which was forecasted to be sunny all day. Saturday turned out to be rainy on and off but overall not too bad. We headed out for a few hours and I got to try out my new gumboots and rain coat. I stayed relatively dry although we did have to hide behind a silo at one point to escape the rain on the dock. We explored an area down by the viaduct that we had not yet seen and visited the Auckland Fish Market. We plan on many more trips to the fish market for fresh seafood to cook up at home! We both tried the fish and chips at a small stand in the market but I did not have a good experience. So far my "I will eat and like fish" plan is not going so well! Luckily there is sushi literally on every corner and plenty of shrimp as well. We also did a little window shopping on Queen Street and some actual shopping (I bought a hairdryer).

On Sunday, we slept in and headed down to the ferry dock around 10:30. In less then a 15 minutes ferry ride, we arrived in Devonport, a quaint Auckland suburb. We absolutely loved our first Auckland excursion! We walked down the beach and then climbed a small mountain, North Head. North Head has several trails you can take to the top and the one we choose highlights the bunkers and remains of WWI fortifications. The views from the top were amazing and I just kept thinking how unreal it is that I live 15 minutes from such paradise! We climbed back down and I took a few minutes to stick my feet in the ocean! In true Kiwi style, I left my shoes off while my feet dried and we took off down the street. We explored the small main street area and stopped at a local cafe for a snack. I persuaded J to try a flat white which is the preferred local coffee choice. We had a wonderful day and cannot wait for many more adventures!

L and the Auckland City skyline from Devonport

North Head from Devonport beach

View of a beach from about halfway up Northhead

L in front of Auckland City skyline from top of North Head

Auckland City skyline from top of North Head


CrazyUncle said...

North Head and flat whites and fish and bunkers. So, you will soon know Auckland inside and out.

Hey, no photos of Justin? Or maybe you just told him, "Look. It's my blog, so I will only post photos of me." Maybe he wasn't even there. After all, anyone could have taken your picture.