Musings on the Rain

In the two weeks since we arrived in Auckland, Justin and I have experienced the Auckland rain, wind, and drastic changes in weather.  However, I had not yet had to walk to work in anything other than a light mist.  Well, it rained all day yesterday with some serious clouds and humidity.  We couldn't see the top of the sky tower all day and our apartment was literally damp all over.  We ended up closing up all the windows and turning on the fan to ward off (no pun intended although I now find it funny) some of the moisture. The rain was still coming down this morning so I geared up in my new silver Hunter "gumboots", my new raincoat, and my relatively unsubstantial umbrella.  I remained dry on my short walk to the office and looked somewhat put together after de-gearing in my cube. 

I am definitely going to have to get used to my new hair style, meaning, accept that in this much rain, my hair is going to be crazy.  I am also going to have to invest in a more substantial umbrella that can withstand high (read 25 - 35 mph) winds and not threaten to blow inside out with every gust.  Also note that a random guy in the viaduct commented on my "gumboots" which confirmed that Kiwis do indeed call rain boots, gumboots.  It also adds to the evidence I'm collecting that wearing metallic, silver boots will solicit at least 3 comments from complete strangers each time they are worn. 


CrazyUncle said...

Well, now I have just got to know. Which Hunter gumboots did you purchase? Cait? Lonny? Champery? Andora? Gabby? The suspense is killing me.

In Phoenix, we have to ward off (pun totally intended) dryness instead of moisture, so I will not need you to bring me any gumboots when you return to the US. Thanks anyway.

Lauren said...

I love Hunter rainboots! I wish I had a reason to buy some. I bet people comment because they are just jealous of your silver ones! :) Keep up the blogging, its so fun to read.

Brenda Walker said...

I want some of the rain! I miss it as we have only had about 5 days of rain and even those days it was just a drizzle. New boots always make the day better. Glad you are enjoying it there