Enjoying the City

Friday after work I finally got to see our new apartment!  I viewed a one bedroom place in the same complex and then Justin viewed the two bedroom while I was at work and promised me I would love it.  And love it I did!  It is on Princes Wharf, literally on the water.  Our apartment is huge for Auckland city center standards with two bedrooms and a huge balcony with views to the bay off one side.  It is a short walk (5 - 8  minutes) to my office and accessible to the supermarket, restaurants, and shopping on Queen Street.  Hopefully we like it as much as we think we are going to! 

View to the bay from our balcony

Dining room into second bedroom

Kitchen and bar with first bedroom to the right

Living room and balcony from behind the bar

We walked around the corner from our new apartment to the festival going on in the viaduct for the Auckland stopover of the Volvo Ocean Race (a sailing race around the world that lasts 8 months).  There are booths set up and entertainment on the main stage.  We had dinner in the viaduct and enjoyed our evening.

Saturday we started out the day with a walk to Parnell. We went in search of the farmer's market which turned out to be very small and disappointing. But we did get to enjoy the shops and cafes of Parnell. In the afternoon, we headed out on the bus to Mt. Eden. It was my first experience on the bus system in Auckland although Justin had used it once before. We navigated perfectly and took a short hike up to the top of Mt. Eden. Mt. Eden is an inactive volcano and the highest point in the city. The crater at the top was very cool and the 360 degree views of the city were amazing! We decided Mt. Eden is a must see for any of our visitors!

The crater

Panorama of the Auckland skyline to Rangitoto Island

View of Rangitoto Island

This way to LA and then on to Dallas

10,500 miles to LA
To complete our Saturday, we headed to the store and purchased all the supplies for what we termed a Mexican feast.  I'm not sure if it truly qualified as a feast but we definitely enjoyed our chicken tacos with pico de gallo and avocado!  After not even two weeks away from the Big D, we are already seriously craving Tex Mex.  Luckily, there are a few Mexican items in our local supermarket and even a Mexican restaurant near my office that is always packed.  So maybe we will not perish from a total lack of Tex Mex!


Mimi and Poppy said...

Forget Australia! I'm coming to New Zealand first! I love my room!

CrazyUncle said...

One thing we did not like when Kathie and Kyle lived in town was, because windows and doors are always open, all the noice drifts in at all hours. So, parties, trash trucks, other apartments, birds and dogs; we heard it all...at all hours...even work nights. Oh well, you get used to it.

You know, we miss Tex Mex even in AZ. And certainly the food in MX was nothing like good old Tex Mex. However, you will have a chance to get used to other cuisines and then, when you come home, either to visit or to stay, Tex Mex will be even more of a treat.

Grandaddy said...

Love your post and pics keep them coming.