My First Camp Out (as an adult)

We spent three nights away on our Easter trip and decided to try out our new camping gear on the third night.  We stayed at a campground on Blue Lake which was really nice and only a short drive from Rotorua.  We set up our campsite consisting of our open tent, chairs, and bed inside our new Volvo wagon.  We have an air mattress that fits perfectly in our wagon with the seats laid down and Justin and I can lay inside, side by side.  We turned on the noise maker, cozied up with some blankets, and slept well.  We could see the lake from our site and really enjoyed waking up to the fresh mountain air.  The facilities at this site were pretty nice and I showered in the morning and everything!  We wanted to buy some minimal camping supplies so we can spend a night or so at a time away from Auckland on the cheap.   I had to caveat the title because I have camped in my life (maybe 2 times I can remember) but I was under the age of 20 so I'm not sure it counted.

The Ward Campsite

View from the Campsite

Blue Lake

Blue Lake from Above


CrazyUncle said...

Yes, camping under the age of 20 still counts as experience. And wow, that photo of Blue Lake from above is fake looking. You are certainly living Lindsay and Justin's Excellent Adventure.