Woodhill Bike Park

Woodhill Bike Park is a mountain biking park a short 25 minute drive from Auckland city.  It is laid out kind of like a ski resort in that you get a map of the all the trails and they are marked as to difficulty.  We spent about three hours riding in the park and thoroughly enjoyed it!  This was our first time doing any off roading on our new bikes but we got the hang of it over the course of the day.  Going up hill is really hard and I felt like I had to keep putting my bike in granny-low as other riders zoomed by!  Going down hill is pretty scary!  You get to going really fast and hit bumps and roots along the way.  Justin laughed at me because he said on the steep parts I basically laid on the brakes and slid down the mountain!  But hey, I made it!  I will say there were only a few women out there so I still felt pretty accomplished!  We can't wait to go back and to check out some other trails in the area.  We had an early dinner on the way home at Hallertau, a cute little place in Riverhead, a small town outside of Auckland.  The food was great and the atmosphere and patio was really fun and relaxing. 
Posing in Woodhill Bike Park


CrazyUncle said...

I am with you, LWW. I would also ride the brakes on the way down. Even skiing on snow, I would slalom a lot to reduce my speed.