Jucy Adventure - Bay of Islands

We woke up Sunday morning to this at Beachside Holiday Park.....

Sunrise at Beachside Holiday Park.
We were lucky enough to spot a whole pod of dolphins out in the bay as well!  After showers, we headed into Paihia for breakfast before our sailing adventure!  I enjoyed a scone on the rooftop patio at Upper Deck while the others had a hot meal.  The patio looked out onto the Bay of Islands and was a beautiful backdrop for breakfast!  I think we have a combined total of over 600 pictures from our 3 days and this is the only group shot!  And for the record, I don't think I am bending down in this picture, I'm just that short!
  Breakfast at Upper Deck in Paihia.
We booked a sailing tour on She's a Lady and set out around 10.  The tour had a total of 9 people including our skipper, Glen.  We all got to take turns driving the boat which was great fun especially when the wind picked up!  The boys saw a little blue penguin in the water but Tiffany and I missed it.  We sailed for a few hours before docking at the isolated Robertson Island (read we were the only people on the island) for exploring and lunch.  The boys took advantage of the kayaks while Tiffany and I opted to go on shore and see some of the island.  It turned out to be a good decision on our part as the boys got soaked from the waist down and it was a pretty cool day to start with.  I won't mention which pieces of clothing the boys left to dry in the sun on  a rock.  We had a picnic lunch on the beach (sandwiches/fruit/cookies prepared by the skipper) and went on a short hike after lunch to the look out.  The views were impressive from the top and worth the climb.  We had a fabulous day and the weather was perfectly sunny for us!  

Sailing on She's a Lady.

Justin driving the boat!

Obligatory sailing pic. 
Lindsay driving the boat.

She's a Lady with Justin kayaking in front.

View off Robertson Island


Tiffany and David enjoying lunch.
View from the lookout.

View from the lookout.
We explored Paihia and did some shopping after our sailing tour.  We located Haruru Falls outside of town after nearly turning around.  We followed a paved road until it turned into a dirt road and then back into a paved road.  The sun was almost down and we figured we had passed the falls any way.  Then we spotted the small sign and made the short trek to the falls just before losing all daylight!  Evidently, Haruru is one of only a few horseshoe shaped falls in the world (think Niagara Falls shape).

Haruru Falls
That evening we cooked sausages and zucchini on the grill for dinner and huddled in the Jucy afterwards to keep warm.  Justin and I took the top bunk which I believe was the softer of the two beds but made for an interesting climb down in the middle of the night! 


CrazyUncle said...

I like the shots from that island. It looks like a great day. I did some research and it turns out that Haruru is actually the name for Donald Trump's hairdo. I don't know if the falls were named first or Trump's combover.