Jucy Adventure - Tutukaka

Our main purpose of visiting the Tutukaka Coast was so that T&D could dive at Poor Knights Island which is supposed to be one of the top 10 dive sites in the world.  We woke up a little later than ideal to get to the dive shop by 8 am and since we got to the park late the night before, we had not yet paid for our campsite.  We were in a rush and Justin and I just needed to drop off T&D and then we planned on returning to the park to shower and organize the Jucy.   We didn't see anyone in the park office yet so we drove by and planned on paying when we returned.  Evidently that was not such a good idea as the campsite owner tailed us the short drive to the marina and jumped out of his car upset that we were skipping out without paying.  We explained the situation to him and he calmed down and even apologized numerous times to us.  He said he gets around 50 people a year that skip out without paying, most of those being in rented campervans.  

Justin and I spent the day driving along the Tutukaka coast (maybe a 20 km drive one way) stopping as we pleased.  We visited Whangarei Falls, Matapouri Bay, Woolleys Bay, Sandy Bay, and took a short hike to Whale Bay.  We had a picnic out of the back of the Jucy and even waited out a rainstorm inside the Jucy while parked next to the beach.   It was a relaxing, perfect day!

Too cool for the falls

Whangarei Falls

Picnic at Sandy Bay

The Jucy on a famous New Zealand one lane bridge
Road sign indicating the rules of the way one bridge....figure that one out!

View on the hike to Whale Bay

Justin trying out his wetsuit at Sandy Bay
We picked up T&D after their dive and drove up to Paihia in the Bay of Islands.  We set up camp at the Beachside Holiday Park.  The park is on the beach a few kilometers outside of Paihia.  We had dinner at a local pizza place and then played cards in the Jucy. 

Beachside Holiday Park


CrazyUncle said...

Busted! Why did you even bother to try and convince us that you were going to return and pay? The owners of that site don't read your blog. I'll bet you think we will judge you otherwise. No way.

So, Justin thinks he is too cool for waterfalls. Why? Just because of the sunglasses? Sure, he is cool, but so are the falls behind him.

Brenda Walker said...

That is an awesome way to camp. Your adventures in NZ are amazing. Glad you guys are taking advantage of living there and having an amazing time!