Jucy Adventure - The Finale

We awoke again Monday morning at Beachside Holiday Park but sadly no dolphins greeted us this morning!  We showered, packed up the Jucy, and headed into Paihia for breakfast.  We ended up enjoying breakfast pies and donuts at Paihia Meats and Pies with a perfect view of the bay from our sidewalk table.  We headed out in the Jucy with no set agenda other than making it back to Auckland in time for bed!  

View of Jucy from our breakfast table

Our sidewalk table at Paihia Meat and Pies
Our first stop was the Kawiti glow worm caves just south of Paihia.  I'm not sure it was worth the $15 a person entry fee but we can now check off see glowworms from our must do list while in New Zealand.  It was cool to see all the glow worms hanging from the top of the cave plus I got to hold the lantern!  Next stop was a kiwi habitat called the Kiwi House.  Unfortunately, the kiwi were both asleep (they are nocturnal after all) and we only got to see a kiwi butt through a black and white video stream.  I believe that will be our first and last kiwi spotting attempt.  

No pictures allowed inside the cave so we snapped a quick one of the entrance

Enjoying a quick hike after the cave tour

Vintage railroad station in the park with the Kiwi House
As close as we got to a real kiwi

And my turn...
For most of our trip, Tiffany and I were on the look out for the perfect sheep picture spot.  Well, we finally found it!  On our way to the west coast, we passed by a field of sheep with a turnoff that allowed us to get very close to the sheep.  We stopped for pictures and ended up accomplishing a must do while on a Jucy campervan holiday.  All four of us posed with the Jucy in an attempt to capture some fun pictures for submission to the Jucy website.  Mission accomplished :)  

And done...the Dyer's with NZ sheep!

Jucy website here we come!

The best part was watching Justin run back and forth setting the camera timer and then attempting to catch his jump on film
We made it to Muriwai beach and had time for a quick hike to the look out points before heading out for dinner.  We enjoyed dinner at one of our new favorites, Hallertau before driving back into Auckland.  The Jucy spent the night in the parking lot outside our apartment while we slept more than soundly inside!

Cloudy day at Muriwai

Dinner at Hallertau....see Justin and David at the table through the doorway?


CrazyUncle said...

Hey, don't you see Kiwi butts all the time? Well, i suppose they are usually clothed.

Photo of the Day: Justin just missing his jump for the picture.

So, did you have crispy squid or skewered lamb rump or what at the Holler Toe? And I bet Justin tried the Deception, right? Or maybe the Copper Tart since that sounds interesting?

Anyway, it sounds like you had a good time. Thanks for (finally) posting again. And thanks for the occasional comments on my blog.