Killer Day for a Visit

On Monday, we spotted a pod of whales in the harbor out of our office window.  Everyone gathered around the window to watch them surface and I was loathe to go to my 3:30 meeting and stop watching!  Yesterday, Justin spotted an article about the whales in the New Zealand Herald.  It turns out the whales we saw were a pod of orcas that swam into the harbor hunting stingrays.  There are around 250 orcas that live in the New Zealand area and it is not an uncommon site to spot them near shore.  This was my first orca sighting and my second time to see whales off the coast (the first being in Oregon)! 

Article in the New Zealand Herald about the whales we saw!


CrazyUncle said...

Wow, you saw orcas swimming in the bay and you were 'loathe' about something, all in one day. You must use the weekends just for resting after so many exciting daily events. Actually, that is pretty cool. We hardly ever see orcas swimming near us.