Baby Ford at Build-a-Bear

While we were in Dallas, Justin and I took Baby Ford to Build-a-Bear for his 3rd birthday.  This has a become a Ward/Morris family tradition.  Each year for each Morris kid's birthday, we take them to do something fun, just the birthday child and Aunt Lindsay and Uncle Justin.  We took Walker to Build-a-Bear for his 4th birthday (I realize this link is actually Walker's 5th birthday trip to the dinosaur exhibit but evidently I didn't blog about his 4th birthday!) and Sophie June for her 3rd birthday.  

4 year old Walker rubbing the heart that would go into his wolf  to "let it know he will always love it"

3 year old Sophie June and Aunt Lindsay about to go into Build-a-Bear

Recently, Walker and Sophie June pulled out there Build-a-Bear animals and began telling Ford how we were going to take him for his birthday and how fun it would be.  This would have been great except one small problem....we now live in a different country than said birthday boy.  However, we didn't let this stop us!  Not wanting to disappoint the little guy, we put the outing on our agenda for while we were home.  Despite almost forgetting our planned birthday outing, I remembered a few days before we left and we squeezed in a stop at the Northpark Build-a-Bear on our last day in Dallas.  

Uncle Justin and Baby Ford

Baby Ford and Buzz....this boy knew what he wanted

Rubbing the heart that went in the monkey to "give it brains"

Buzz the space monkey, just chillin' in Northpark

Aunt Lindsay and the birthday boy


CrazyUncle said...

Wow! This post brought back some memories. In particular, I remember you rubbing Justin's heart to show that you would always love him and it is still true. Also, I remember you rubbing his wallet and saying you would always love it, too, and that is still true.

This is a nice tradition and I know K&A's kids will always remember it.