A Sunny Winter Weekend

Last weekend, Justin and I took full advantage of the unseasonably sunny weekend and hit the mountain bike park a waterfall, and the beach.  It was still pretty cold (around 13 degrees C for the highs) but wonderfully sunny for most of the week and weekend.  On Saturday, we drove out to Woodhill mountain bike park for the second time and really enjoyed riding through the forest trails.  We both tried some of the stunts and I even did a see-saw on my bike!  On Sunday, I "tricked" Justin into hiking to a waterfall.  By "tricked" I mean, I failed to mention it was about a kilometer hike to the falls from the road.  We made it to the Mokoroa Falls lookout and Justin caved and let me hike down to the base.  In order to get a good view of the base, we needed to cross the river.  Justin attempted to not get wet in the river by crossing via rocks while I avoided all pretenses and waded in.  That is what my sockless, hiking slipons are for!   The view was definitely worth getting my feet wet in the freezing water!  I had a great time and am thankful my husband joined me for a short hike!  On the way home, we drove out to Bethells Beach for a quick peek.  It is a gorgeous beach and we can't wait until warmer weather so we can fully enjoy it! 

Trail to Mokoroa Falls

Mokoroa Falls from the lookout

Mokoroa Falls from the base....I am standing in the river at this point

And a close up of the falls

Justin testing a log for use in crossing the river

Bethells Beach....not the best sun light angle for pictures

Lindsay on Bethells Beach in green jeans


Priscilla said...

Bethells is such a pretty beach :) i love it too.

CrazyUncle said...

Hey, you tricked me into reading this post by saying you Justin into hiking. Plus, you tricked me into seeing a photo of Justin's backside without a NSFW warning.

Anyway, that Molococoa Falls is pretty, and the weather sound perfect (although I have no idea what a temp of 13C means).

p.s. Thanks for letting us know your jeans were green. I would not have known otherwise. Oh yeah, I can see them in the photo.