Baby Pancakes

Last Saturday Justin and I finally partook (yep, it is a real word) in the farmers market at Britomart we have walked through (or by) so many times.  The farmers market takes place each Saturday right in front of my office.  While there are a few produce stands there, the market is mostly breakfast treats and fun foods to buy.  I had baby pancakes with cream and berries and then Justin and I split an order of empanadas.  We also got a bag of bagel chips to take home and of course had to buy a bag of bagels as well because of the deal if you bought two items.  After the market, we strolled down the waterfront to the Viaduct and Wynyard Quarter.  It was a lovely, sunny morning and we took full advantage of it before the rain set in for the afternoon and evening.   There was plenty to see on our walk as New Zealand Fashion Week was in full swing at the Viaduct Events Centre.  

Baby pancakes made fresh to order!

Yum, baby pancakes!

Empanada stand

Baby pancake stand with EY building in the background

Auckland Harbor Bridge from the end of Wynyard Quarter


Anonymous said...

I love farmer's markets, but I have never bought baby pancakes-delicious!

CrazyUncle said...

You should NOT have included that photo of Baby Pancakes. However, we do not have a spare $6000 to come down just to try them. Maybe you can bring some when you travel back here?

BTW, that is one honking, big empanada on the left side of the stand. Is that the size Justin ordered?