Two things...

The month of September has been pretty exciting for me so far.  Just shy of my 31st birthday, I learned that I am being promoted to senior manager effective in October!  I have worked for Ernst & Young for 7 1/2 years (since January 2005) and truly never imagined this day would come when I joined the firm as a staff.  How am I experienced enough (not to mention old enough) to be a senior manager?  I am very excited about this next step in my career and I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous about it as well.  I am fortunate enough to have some very supportive mentors in the firm who have assured me I am ready for the challenge.  The title of senior manager comes with additional goals and responsibilities and is the last promotion prior to partner.  Luckily for me, my role will remain very similar until I return to Dallas next year.  I am very excited to see what the next part of my career looks like!

And then of course, I turned 31.  I believe it is officially time to stop counting!  I had a great birthday with my friends and family going out of their way to make me feel special while I celebrated in Auckland.  My sister and parents sent (or hand delivered) gifts and my friends Sandy and Jeff had flowers delivered to the office!  Some of the girls at work brought me flowers and treats as well!  Justin gave me a very thoughtful manicure/pedicure gift voucher along with a gift voucher to the mall so I can have a shopping/spa day.  Justin and I then celebrated with dinner at Depot.  Depot is a new, trendy restaurant in Auckland CBD and the food was some of the best and most creative we have had!  I had a great day and really felt special and loved.  What more could a girl ask for!

Picture I should have taken of Depot Eatery.  We sat at the bar after waiting an hour!

Another picture I should have taken.
I know the future holds great things and I am looking forward to the next 31 years of my life!


Jenny @ Practically Perfect... said...

That is such wonderful news, both about the birthday and about the promotion :-) I'm sure that you deserve it!!!

David Dyer said...

Happy B-day and Congrats!

CrazyUncle said...

Congratulations on your promotion. I am sure it is well deserved and you are already there at such a young age. So, after you make partner, I bet the next step is Ernst, Young and Ward.

Happy birthday. Sorry we did not drop by, but we were not in your neighborhood at the time.