We awoke to a beautiful, misty sunrise over the hills and vineyard out the back windows of our cottage in Hawke's Bay.  We had breakfast overlooking the vineyard while Mommy carefully watched over the sheep grazing under the vines.  After a relaxing morning, we drove into Napier for a tour of the city.  Napier is known as the art deco capital of New Zealand so naturally, we took a walking tour to view the architecture.  Napier was virtually destroyed in an earthquake in 1931 and was rebuilt in the style of the time, namely, art deco.  The city is very unique and we enjoyed our walk through town and along the coast.  We had lunch in a cute cafe cafe and Daddy won the ordering contest with his beef stew and kumara.  We enjoyed a leisurely afternoon including a trip to a lookout point over the town before heading back to the cottage.  We had pizza for dinner at Pipi Cafe just down the street from our cottage. 

I 'heart' tax

A rare photo of the four of us

We are swing dancing in case you couldn't tell

L on the Napier water front
Napier water front

Singing in the Rain....
They are laughing b/c they were dancing and D just spun M around

Posing in Napier
From the lookout

And another
M's favorite tree from the lookout over Napier


CrazyUncle said...

Sorry, Lindsay, but you need a new camera. I cannot see the rain at all in your Singing in the Rain shot. Plus, I could see your Daddy. Exactly the reverse of what I hoped for.

Those are all fun photos. Thanks for posting them in your blog.