Hawke's Bay Exploration

We started the day with a leisurely breakfast and sheep watching.  Then we somehow convinced Mommy to go on an off road bike ride!  The four of us rode from the cottage to the bike trail that winds along beside the river.  We rode for a few hours passing all kinds of fun things including cattle in the road, interesting signs, and horses in coats.  We had a blast riding, enjoying the views and performing tricks!  After our ride, we cleaned up and headed out for lunch on the water in Ahuriri at Shed 2.  We enjoyed lunch by the fire and I believe Daddy won the ordering contest again with his smoked salmon fish cakes.  We had a relaxing evening at the cottage enjoying cheese and crackers for dinner and star gazing after the sun went down.

Justin with a no leg glide
M&D cruising
J performing a one leg arabesque on bike
Yea!  Daddy to the rescue with a fence balanced timed shot of the whole group
View from the trail
And I show them all up with a no leg trick

This sign was posted at each cattle guard gate....not to be ignored
Watch out for the frisky cows
Lunch at Shed 2
View over the bay at Ahuriri

A sheep...yes, it has a leaf in its mouth


CrazyUncle said...

In the space of only two posts, you have gone from praying on a dang stump to including a photo with some NZ curse word on it. The shame!

I do like the shot of the bay, though. I am not sure it resets the balance. My my, what is NZ doing to you?