Reflections on Another Year Gone By

When I reflect on 2012, what comes to mind is the many adventures and "firsts" that filled my year.  So without further ado,  my top 12 "firsts" of 2012 plus one for the new year!  In 2012, I....

1.  visited the southern hemisphere (and New Zealand)
2.  moved outside of the great state of Texas
3.  surfed
4.  bungy (correct NZ spelling) jumped
5.  hitch-hiked
6.  road tripped in a campervan
7.  visited Asia
8.  rafted the largest commercially raftable waterfall in the world
9.  sledged
10.  skied and hiked on an active volcano
11. completed a half marathon on the first day of the year
12.  learned to sail
13.  visited Fiji

 ....for the first time!  Cheers to 2013 and another year of adventure!

First day of 2012 - Allen, TX - New Year's Day Half Marathon

Last day of 2012 - Port Denarau, Fiji - Waiting for the ferry