K&A in Auckland

Justin and I had to work for the next two days K&A were in town but we still managed to have lots of fun and laughs.  K&A visited Devonport by ferry, relaxed, explored Auckland, and enjoyed the waterfront!  Wednesday night we all went to Food Alley for dinner.  Poor Aaron was so excited and decided to be adventurous by ordering a duck dish from the Chinese stand.  Unfortunately, they left all the little tiny bones in the duck and it was a disappointment.  The rest of us enjoyed our meals and we ended the evening at Movenpick for dessert. 

Adventures in Devonport while we worked

Super cool traveler girl
Thursday evening I arrived home to a Mexican Fiesta made by our two guests!  We had queso, salasa, guacamole, fresh fish and prawn tacos and delicious margaritas.  This was one of my favorite nights with K&A and I felt so loved that they took the time to cook a feast for us!

Friday, I took the day off work and K, A, & I drove out to Piha to see the beautiful west coast black sand beaches.  We visited Piha and the Karekare waterfall.  We walked along the beach for quite a while and decided to take some pictures near the surf.  As K&A posed, a huge swell came in and the water rose very quickly.  Kara jumped into Aaron's arms without a thought that he would catch her and save her from getting her pants wet.  Aaron managed to catch her despite no warning but Kara's pants were a casualty.  I caught the whole thing in a series of rather funny photos.  

Sisters on Piha beach

K&A on Piha beach

Love it!

And Aaron for the save!

We met Justin after work at Depot for a wonderful dinner.  We ate way too much but had an amazing time and enjoyed every bite!  We had to say goodbye that night before bed as K&A left at around 4 am to catch their flight to Sydney.  

All in all it was a wonderful visit and I was very sad to see them go!


CrazyUncle said...

YEAH - fish and prawn tacos
BOO - bones in the duck dish
YEAH - Aaron didn't fall down with Kara
BOO - y'all had to work while they were there
YEAH - another trip to black sand and Karekare
BOO - another family visit came to an end
BOO - this post is over too soon
YEAH - looking forward to the next one