Moeraki and Dunedin

We arrived in Moeraki in time for an early lunch in the cafe before visiting the Moeraki Boulders.  The boulders are huge, perfectly round stones that continually wash up on the beach in Moeraki (and nowhere else in New Zealand).  We found them perfect for pictures!

And Mommy said "now phoon"

Representing Baylor in Moeraki
We spent the afternoon exploring the sites of Dunedin and touring the Speight's Brewery.  Dunedin is a town founded by the Scottish immigrants to New Zealand and retains alot of that character. 

Cathedral off the Octagon

Presbyterian Church

Not sure....but like father like daughter on the Octagon

Ah, Justin's fav hat in front of the train station
Speight's Brewery

What'll it be??
After dinner at our hotel (Scenic Hotel), we explored a little of the Dunedin nightlife on the Octagon. The next morning, we toured the Lonarch Castle which is not really a castle but an estate built to look like a castle.  The story of the Lonarch's is interesting and very sad.
Coordinating outfits on the way to Lonarch Castle

View above Dunedin
Group shot on top of the castle

From the front...we were up top by the flag in the last pic
We ended the day in Te Anau in a beautiful hotel right across the street from the lake.  We enjoyed a walk along the lake before the sun went down. 
Lake Te Anau

He can't help it....he sees a stump and he has to pray!

Beautiful sunset on the lake
Some of the crew....Lindsay, Mommy, Linda, Eric, and the Wisconsin couple


CrazyUncle said...

Ah yes. A dang stump photo. A sunset photo. A Lindsay stealing beer photo. Wait. What?

I like the Round Rocks shots. Silhouettes work well with those. I don't understand what Mommy said, though. "Now phoon"? What does that mean?

That's a cool looking Presbyterian church. It looks a bit fancier than Aaron's place. Maybe he should move down there?