Milford Sound

We started out early the next morning for Milford Sound!  The drive in was gorgeous and we even got a mostly sunny day!  We stopped at the Mirror Lakes on the way in and drove Batman style through a rather scary, dark tunnel through the mountain.  We took a 2 hour cruise of the sound and saw some unbelievable sights including numerous waterfalls, New Zealand fur seals, and some rare Fiordland Crested Penguins.  Milford Sound was definitely a highlight of our South Island tour!  After the cruise, we headed back out of Fiordland and ended the day in Queenstown.  We spent the evening exploring the town with dinner at Winnie's Gourmet Pizza on the patio.  Although some of us may have been a little hot in Queenstown, we still managed to have some fun with the local seagulls and artwork!

Mirror Lakes....hard to capture on camera but they were pretty cool.

First view of Milford Sound

View of Milford Sound on the way out

Finally a couple shot with no one else in it!
My parents were not so lucky :)

New Zealand Fur Seal on the tip of the boulder
The captain drove the tip of the boat under this waterfall

Hard to see them but the Fiordland Crested Penguins are in the center of this photo playing

Hanging out in Queenstown

M&D in Queenstown
Sunset in Queenstown