Queenstown and the Earnslaw

The next day was a free day in Queenstown and Justin and I choose to take a sledging trip with Frogz.  You might remember we sledged before in Rotorua but this was a very different experience.  The river was a lot calmer and the run was shorter so we took it twice.  It was great to get the feel for the rapids on the first run and then really enjoy it on the second run.  Our guide was great and really made me feel safe (as safe as you can feel rafting over rapids on a small sled).  We even got to jump off a cliff into the river in the middle of our sledge adventure!  Since we paid for our sledge pictures in Rotorua, we opted not to spend the extra money on photos this time.  

While we were sledging, M&D took an off road adventure through the mountains near Queenstown and even panned for gold!

M&D on their own!

Panning for gold...sweet as!
Our dinner for the evening was another highlight of our trip!  We took a cruise on the TSS Earnslaw across the lake to a farm for dinner.  We had a multiple course feast including lamb overlooking the lake.  After dinner, we got to watch some of the sheep dogs in action.  The farmer had two dogs demonstrate herding techniques and explained that each dog has a unique style.  It was so cool to see how quickly the dogs could herd and how silly the sheep looked running in response.  Then we headed to the shearing shed for a sheep shearing demonstration.  The farmer explained that when you tip a sheep over to shear it, the sheep thinks it can't move and it just sticks its legs out and lets you shear it.  It was so funny!  After the demonstration, Mommy finally found the perfect sheep skin souvenir in the shop.  So basically we ate sheep, watched them get sheared, and then bought their skin!  Then we cruised back on the Earnslaw to Queenstown with a full scale sing-a-long! 

The TSS Earnslaw

The farm where we had dinner

After dinner in front of the Earnslaw

Sheep being herded

Silly sheep getting sheared

Haha...she thinks she can't move!
Sing-a-long....Linda, Eric, L&M


CrazyUncle said...

I can only imagine that you might drive your hubby crazy. It has been two weeks since you posted, and yet you begin with "The next day was a free day...." When you and he are talking, do you suddenly continue a discussion you had several days before? "No, Justin, I did not say that." "What are you talking about, Lindsay? We weren't talking about anything."

On the photo of R&D, you said, "sweet as!" Either you left out a word or you left out a letter.

I like the background behind your folks in the first photo. Too bad we can't make it down there.