The End of our Journey

On our last official day of the tour, we visited the pancake rocks in the morning which were so cool.  I thought they looked like old ruins built into the cliffs over the ocean.  We also enjoyed watching the blow holes along the route. 

Posing in matching outfits

View of the pancake rocks

More pancakes

Pancakes up clase
We then traveled to Greymouth where we walked around, purchased some souvenirs and had lunch before boarding the bus to Arthurs Pass.  We  were meant to meet the TransAlpine train at Arthurs Pass but unfortunately the train was a few hours late.  So we ended up waiting at the train station for quite some time.  Once we finally boarded the train, we got four seats around a table and enjoyed the scenery and company along the route to Christchurch. 

The group (including ipad) at a lookout south of Punakaiki
Another lookout right before Arthurs Pass

Wasting time waitin' on the train

Our train

Fun on the train

More fun....
We had a fun goodbye dinner with our group in Christchurch to cap off our journey!

Our crew left to right (Jenny and John Plant, Eric, L, M, D, J, and Linda)
The next morning we headed to the airport and traveled back to Auckland.  We had a fun celebratory last night in New Zealand dinner at Depot for M&D!  The food and atmosphere never disappoint!  Let's not forget that this night also marked the first time my mom enjoyed a raw oyster.

Depot dinner


CrazyUncle said...

Comments on your blog entry from top to bottom.

Those crazy Kiwis. Punakaiki is just a phonetic spelling of how they pronounce pancake. I love it.

They do look cool though, as demonstrated in the up close shot.

Is J holding the iPad behind you? Is that machine already coming between you two? Ha ha.

Nice J photobomb. You know which photo I am talking about.

Hey, LWW, how come you let Eric put his hand on your knee? And I see Linda making a move on J, too.

So, that was the first time M enjoyed a raw oyster. Does that mean she tried them before but did not like them?

Well, it looks like an excellent trip. I'm glad you were able to share it with your folks.