Goat Island Snorkeling

A few weeks ago, Justin and I went on a brief adventure with our friends Rebecka and Peter.  We packed up our wetsuits and snorkel gear and headed out to Goat Island (no, before you ask there are no actual goats on Goat Island).  As Rebecka and Peter had snorkeled/dove here before, they showed us the ropes.  We snorkeled out from the beach and around the island for about 45 minutes before we were all ready for a break.  We saw snapper among other fish but nothing too exciting.  I was wearing a wetsuit but still so cold I was literally shaking when I got out.  It was cold enough that none of us felt like a second trip out.  We enjoyed lunch on the beach before packing up.  We drove by a nearby beach and enjoyed the view on our way to the highway.

View of Goat Island on the right

We spread out a bit....Justin, Rebecka, and Peter warming up

View of the beach and bay

Random beach on the drive home...love the white sand


CrazyUncle said...

Did you do what you are supposed to do when wearing a wet suit for cold water? No, I won't mention what that is.

You are getting too clever, telling me there are no goats before I can ask.

That is a nice random beach, the sunny reflections coming up from the white sand.