Run for your Freakin' Life

Run for your Freakin' Life was awesome!  It was a 5K obstacle/mud course run with zombies chasing the runners!  Justin and I had a blast running through muddy rivers, under and over obstacles and dodging zombies.  Each participant wore a flag football belt with 4 flags and the zombies tried to grab the flags.  Justin finished with 2 flags remaining while I lost all of mine.  After the race we showered in the portable showers and then changed clothes so we could watch some of the other waves of runners on the obstacles.  My favorite obstacle was the last soapy slide to the finish line with zombies pushing you down the slip and slide like slope.  The muddy rivers were also fun to wade through despite the threat of zombies in close quarters and the loss of shoes.  

At the finish line with two of the zombies

One of the muddy river obstacles (I'm behind Justin)

I crawled through this obstacle without getting "bit" by using the robot butt as a shield

See me in the far left of this shot?

Zombie soapy water slide


CrazyUncle said...

OK, now that sounds like a fun way to get/keep in shape. However, in the case of a real zombie emergency, I want to stay closer to you than Justin since you were slow enough that they pulled all of your flags...thereby saving me. Whoo hoo.