I got my CPA scores back!! I passed the second section with a 96! Yea!

Last week I went to Houston for training. I got to stay in the Four Seasons which was wonderful! They cleaned your room every time you left, filled-up your ice bucket, shined your shoes, and a million other things. I would highly recommend anyone to stay there. Except only if you aren't paying! I had fun getting to know my co-workers a little better over dinner and such. The training was okay but what do you expect. I took Tax Controversy and Corporate Tax 2. I missed Justin though because I was gone for 4 nights. I was supposed to only be gone for 3 but my flight got canceled due to high winds in Dallas. So I had to stay an extra night. Unfortunately, I was trying to catch an earlier flight so I didn't know it was cancelled until I got to the airport (a $55 cab ride later). Luckily, I wasn't paying again! I took the shuttle back and arranged for it to pick me up at the hotel the next morning. That is a much better deal. $20 one way and cleaner and not as scary as a cab.

Did I mention I am half way done with the CPA??? Now I am just looking forward to having a few days off. I am hoping to spend time with family, run, study (for section #3), and look at houses.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!


Zachary said...

Nice work, I almost have $96 so we have something in common! I will definitely try the Four Seasons next time I stay in Houston, but I'm just not sure when that will be!

Auntie Eisel said...

Sounds like a pretty sweet hotel to me! Yeah, I think cabs would be kinda creepy. If it's a house you're looking for, might I suggest checking out the one on my blog? :) Happy Thanksgiving back!

(Extra points if you can guess the movie line!)

Future Uncle said...

Tax Controversy sounds like a very exciting course. I just wish that I could take it.

Mimi & Poppy said...

96! Congratulations - but of course you did great! So did you win the Best in Texas like the Yankees predicted?