Merry Christmas!!

Yea! Christmas is almost here. Most importantly my time off is about to start. I have tomorrow through January 1st off! I don't have alot planned but it should be a nice time. Tomorrow I am going to finish up my Christmas shopping and wrap presents. Then on Saturday I have some baking and cooking to do. I am making a cheesecake to take to my parent's for Christmas eve. I am also making Christmas cookies to take to Lindsay's house for our little Christmas party/dinner.

Not alot has happened since my marathon. I am resting my ankle and have not run since the race. I have a case of the shin splint (only one ankle). I think I might go to the doctor soon since it is still hurting and I have not run in almost 2 weeks.

Merry Christmas everybody! I hope everyone has a great Christmas where ever they get to spend it.

Whoo-Hoo: I don't have to look at my cube for 11 days!

Boo: We are in the process of looking for a house/condo. We were hoping to have found one by now. But we haven't.


CrazyUncle said...

11 days off. That's a real Christmas present. And a house. That will be a nice present, too. Good luck.

Future Uncle said...

Why would you send Christmas cookies to yourself? Hmmm.

Zachary said...

I'm with Caleb on the cookies! Brenda and I looked for a house for almost a year and a half, not to discourage you though, when we finally found the one God wanted for us, it was great!

Zachary said...

Oh, and one more thing, I think you should go with reverse alphabetical order on your links!

Auntie Eisel said...

Merry Christmas! Have fun not being at work!

Curious Old Grandparent said...

Hey, Linds! Just a warning, don't try to run anymore until your leg is better. Don't want you to be like the ol' Grandad and have to have surgery on it or something!
Love you both!!