Curtains and SJ's Birthday

As Crazy Uncle pointed out, the photos I posted were pre-curtains. So here is one of the den with the new curtains and the rug we moved from the living room.

I got a new rug for the living room. I saw it at Kara's house and just had to have it :) So now we have the same looks great in both our homes. Here is a picture of the living room with the new rug.

And just so you can see, here is a pic of Kara's rug in her new living room. Not to discount the rug, but what a cute baby!

This Sunday we had Sophie June's first birthday party. All the fam was there including Kara, Aaron, Walker, Aaron's parents, June and George, my parents, Ben, and Justin and me. Sophie was so cute. She liked all her presents but started to cry every time we took one present away so she could open another one. She dug into her cake! Kara said that is what happens with the second child. The first child has never had cake before their first birthday and doesn't know what to do with it. Then the second child knows exactly how good it is. Sophie loved her big balloon her parents got her. She kept looking up at it and wanted someone to pick her up and let her hit it. Here is a page I made for her birthday (click on the page to see the pictures up close b/c those are the cutest) and some more cute pics.


Mr. & Mrs. Dishmon said...

We will definitely have to do a wine tour when you guys come. Ya'lls house looks nice with all the changes!

Justin said...

Look I am blogging!!! Who is that guy in your chair?? The back of his head sure is sexy!!

Brenda said...

Love your scrapbook page. Have you been doing digital pages for awhile? It was great seeing you guys while we were in Dallas. It's kinda weird how you still fell in touch thanks to blogging even though we can go years without seeing each other.