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We got all our Christmas decorations up inside and out the week of Thanksgiving. We have had some surge issues with the lights on our tree so right now it is lit up with the exception of the bottom strand of lights. We are going to get a surge protector tonight and a new light strand and we should be good to go. We got a real tree this year and it smells great!

Merry Christmas!

Our tree is huge!

You can't really see but our nativity is on the china cabinet and the tree is decorated!


Brenda Walker said...

your tree is very pretty! I miss having a real tree. Too many allergies for Em and Zachary so we have to do the fake thing.

CrazyUncle said...

Don't tell me what I cannot see. I do see a nativity set on the cabinet shelf. I can also see some ornaments on the tree in the corner. Come on. As a new manager, you should be clear and accurate in all communications.