New Manager Training

This is a short post on what I was up to last week. I still want to post about our vacation and about Thanksgiving but those will take a little longer. I was in Orlando last week for new manager training from Monday through Friday. All the newly promoted managers for E&Y in the US and Canada attended. There were about 1,100 new managers there including about 9 from Dallas tax. We had a great time learning about managing me, managing clients, and managing people. We also had a reception/dinner every night to network with folks from all over the US and Canada. We focused alot on identifying our personality type and how to adapt our management style to fit other people's types. In the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test, I am an case anyone else has taken the test and cares :) One night we got to go SeaWorld. It was just us there and they had a couple of roller coasters open and then did a private Shamu show for us. Our CEO was there that night and they had him along with the other bigwigs go down front and sit right in the middle of the splash zone for the Shamu show.

Here is a shot of the drummers that lead us in a drumming team building activity.

The E&Y ice sculpture

The big Shamu

Two smaller Shamu's