A Slight Reprieve

Today marked the 26th consecutive day over 100 degrees here in the Big D.  That puts us at the No. 3 spot for longest consecutive streak of days over 100 degrees in the metroplex.  We may soon move to the No. 2 spot if we hit 29 days in a row....not that I'm rooting for it but it seems unavoidable at this point.  We are all sweltering!  Running is miserable!  Thank goodness for my bike which is actually bearable to ride even in the 86 degree weather at 6 am.    Our house is sooo hot in the evening.  So I have been searching for a decent looking fan that did not cost a fortune to set up in our living room for the rest of the summer.  Surprisingly, it was difficult to find.  I finally found this one on Walmart.com but had to visit two Walmart's to actually find one in stock...and I got the last one...in an opened box!  We are enjoying the new fan which has cooled our living room off by about 5 degrees!


CrazyUncle said...

We have an indecent looking fan and Kathie won't let me leave it out in the open. I don't know if it came from Walmart or not.