Drew's brother posted a video on fb today.  Well, not just a video, I guess.  The video they played at his memorial service.  I unknowingly clicked on play thinking it was just a clip of Drew.  As soon as those baby pictures of little Drew came up on the screen, I immediately clicked away.  But it was too late.  It took me back to that moment, giving me goosebumps, thinking of standing in the packed funeral chapel watching Drew's family go through what we would go through the next morning.  I remember the sick feeling in my stomach and wanting more than anything to be anywhere else.  They played Let It Be and spoke of Drew, a boy I barely knew that I now think of all the time.  At the close of the service, Drew's mother tearfully ask the piano player to continue playing.  She didn't want the service to end.  I think it was a perfect depiction of how we all felt. 

As my thoughts continued to wonder through the events of that day, another moment came to mind.  After Ben's viewing that evening, Kara, Aaron, Justin, and I walked to our cars a little way into the cemetery.  As we tried to drive out, we realized we were locked in the cemetery.  Aaron went to get someone to let us out but we had to wait a little while.  We were all starving from a long and exhausting day.  Luckily, I had stuffed some chicken mini's from Chick-fil-a in my purse that morning.  So Aaron, Justin, and I ate the purse chicken biscuits much to Kara's amusement.  She wouldn't have anything to do with them!  We all laughed and cried.  Relieved to be through one of the worst days of our lives.  Dreading the day ahead.


CrazyUncle said...

I did not remember hearing the chicken mini story. I did know that you were locked in for a few minutes. Thanks for sharing.

Brenda Walker said...

I can't imagine going through what you are having to. Zachary put his flower from that day in our visor in the car. Now every time I see it in the car it reminds me to pray for your family. Thank you for sharing your stories