Vacation Day 6 - Mine Tour/Yankee Girl Mine

On our last day of Ouray Vacation 2011, I decided to go on a 4 mile run to soak up as much cool 50 degree running weather as I could. Somehow the 4 mile run turned into a 6 mile run along the river trail and up a hiking trail. How great to see Mount Abrams in the early morning light while running along the Uncompahgre River! Later we met at the big house and then headed out for the Bachelor Syracuse Mine Tour. Unfortunately, the tour used to be a lot longer and you got to see more of the mine. Still it was cool to go deep into the mountain. We also had lunch at the barbecue place up there and had great time eating and hanging out. Then we headed on a "short" trip to Yankee Girl Mine on the other side of Ouray. This may or may not have involved four wheeling in the Expedition with Justin at the wheel and me yelling :) We explored at the mine, took pictures, and then loaded up to head back to town. That evening we had pizza and wings and played games to celebrate our last night together!

 Love this one of the Morris kids!

 Bachelor Syracuse Mine

 They Can Will Kill You became the running joke!

On that great getting up morning....

 Yankee Girl Mine

 How cute!  I love Grandmom's face!

 More Yankee Girl Mine

I love this one with little Junie running!  She looks so small.


Brenda Walker said...

Sophie June is so cute! Love the pictures! Thanks for sharing! It made us bummed we couldn't join you but we WILL be there next time!

CrazyUncle said...

A four mile run is about three miles and 1700 yards longer than I care to run. I've heard that running can will kill you. Just saying. (Blogger does not allow striking out text in comments, so I used italics)