Two things...ok maybe three

First, while in Devonport, I bought what seems to be the New Zealand equivalent of girl scout cookies.  The organization is called GirlGuiding here but it appears to be similar.  They sell different types of cookies for $3 a box.  What makes these cookies so fun?  I bought them from a little girl with a New Zealand accent sitting on the grass in a park on the beach! 

Second, I had lunch with three staff girls in the cafe (the breakroom) at work today.  I was glad to meet some more people at work even if they are quite a bit younger than me!  It is hard to judge what level and age people are and they were the only ones eating in the cafe when I walked in.  They were very nice.  In fact, Nicole was trying to plan a get-a-way camping trip with me and Natalie wanted me to borrow her car for the weekend so we could get out of the city.  All that in a 30 minute lunch! 

Third, I am loving getting to leave the windows/sliding doors open all the time!  The sunlight streaming in during the day is great and then the cool night air is so refreshing.  In our temporary housing, our view is of the sky tower which is great!  I am sure I will like our permanent view just as much!  We have been warned and read of the impending winter rainy season so I intend to soak up as much of this perfect weather as possible while it lasts. 


CrazyUncle said...

Oh please. I fully understand. In fact, sometimes, I walk up to people on the street and ask if they want to borrow my car for a week or two.

I definitely know how it feels to have a bunch of youngsters around you all the time.

I'm glad you are already getting acclimated to both the weather and environment. Enjoy these next 18 months to the max!

CrazyUncle said...

Please tell hubby I get an error every time I try to post a comment. Is it set up to allow us Americans to write?