Jucy Adventure - The Beginning

Our friends David and Tiffany Dyer arrived in Auckland last Thursday afternoon.  We drove up to Mount Eden to catch some views of the sunset over the city.   Later, Justin and I enjoyed dinner at Jack Tar on the North Wharf near our apartment while torturing the Dyer's by engaging them in conversation and attempting to sight-see when their bodies felt like it was 3 am!  

David and Tiffany on Mount Eden
View of the city on the way to North Wharf
On Friday, David and Tiffany stopped by my office and the 3 of us walked to pick up our Jucy Condo campervan which would come to be known as The Jucy.  We met Justin for a quick dinner of Ramen noodles before packing up and loading out.  David and I underestimated the spice level at this restaurant and were barely able to eat our food!  We were red faced and peeling off our layers by the end!

We packed up the Jucy and drove to the Tutukaka Holiday Park for the night (about 2.5 hours from Auckland).  The road from Auckland to Tutukaka would probably seem unmemorable in a car in the daylight.  But let me tell you, in the dark, in a large campervan, it felt very scarey!  It is hard to explain the roads in New Zealand but they have more twist and turns than I have ever seen and tend to become narrower the further out of town you drive.  Justin, our fearless driver, delivered us safely to our destination but he was worn out from the trek!  Justin and I spent the first night in The Jucy on the bottom bunk while Tiffany and David took the upper, coffin bed. 

Picking up The Jucy

David and Tiffany on the top bunk


CrazyUncle said...

Apparently, the beds are quite small and the headroom is non-existent. I do NOT want to know what the built-in bathroom was like. And for a shower, what did you use? Old radiator water?