About a week ago, I got an email from our property manager notifying me that the apartment building maintenance would need access to our apartment in order to construct scaffolding on our patio needed to repair the level above us.  When we got home from our trip on Monday evening, there was plastic taped down to our floor leading from the kitchen to the back door and a stack of scaffolding on our patio.  On Tuesday morning, I went to close the back door before leaving the house for the day and gave a friendly construction worker quite a freight.  Yep, there was a large, tattooed man standing about a foot from the door on our patio.  Upon closer inspection, the workers had removed the wall between our patio and our neighbor's.  We could just walk right on into our neighbor's bedroom if we so desired.  So I'll keep our back doors locked until the construction is over and be glad they appear to be using the scaffolding below our level as an entry point instead of our apartment.

View of our patio.
From below...our patio is the one with the scaffolding in the top left.

This is our neighbor's back bedroom door entrance.
Sunset through the scaffolding.


CrazyUncle said...

Oh, come on. The very next post after saying you love your hubby is one talking about entering neighbor's bedroom? What is going on in Kiwi-town?