Happy 24th Birthday Ben

I was looking through all my old photos tonight to find one of Ben to post on facebook in memory of his birthday.  

I'm kicking myself for not taking more photos of my brother, with my brother.  At the same time, I am wondering where Ben was during so many fun memories.  Why wasn't he there?  Did I not invite him?  Did he not want to come?  Did he just have something better to do?

Reality is probably all of the above.  I don't remember ever making a relationship with my brother a priority in my life.  He was young (7 years my junior) and immature and there would be time in the future for a "grown up" relationship with him and (hopefully) his wife.

But there was no time. 

So many memories we could have shared, my 29th birthday on Lake Ray Hubbard, a trip to Seattle, Baylor games, New Year's Eve, the White Rock Marathon.  But we didn't and we won't.

My prayer is that his absence will serve as a reminder to me to invest in my relationship with the 7 siblings I am lucky enough to still have.  And take photos of everyone because one day you will be glad you have them.

Happy Birthday to my milk drinking, goofy grinning baby brother.


CrazyUncle said...

That is an excellent reminder for us to enjoy our lives, family and relationships every day. God has blessed us with so many things and it is easy to lose sight of them as we get caught up in the ephemera of life.

I cannot imagine the sense of loss your family still feels after losing a son/brother. I am glad you can bring a life lesson from it, though.