Kuala Lumpur - China Town

After class today I took a taxi into Kuala Lumpur city center with some of the ladies from New Zealand and Australia.  I wanted to go to the night markets and eat at the food stalls but the ladies I was with were less adventuresome.  So I settled for a trip to China Town with dinner at a "proper" restaurant.  I put proper in quotes as it is more of a kiwi term!  We did eat at a sit down place but with some authentic Malaysian cuisine. 

The taxi ride into the city took about an hour due to traffic while the return trip was only about 15 minutes.  It was great to get out of the hotel (Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa) and see some of Malaysia.  The city was so exciting and busy and I loved it!  I can't wait to explore more of Asia (with my partner in crime, Justin)!

China Town was great....stall after stall of fake designer purses, sunglasses, watches, shoes, clothes, and crap!  I  bought a pair of ray bans and a prize for Justin.  I tried to haggle but I'm sure I still paid more than I should have!

The city as a whole is very dirty even just across the street from the resort.  There is trash on the street and you can tell it is not kept up that well.  For example, in the first block we walked into China Town, we narrowly escaped tripping into an open drainage hole. 

I can't wait to explore more on Saturday!  Sorry, no real pics as it was dark and raining but I'll leave you with these photos I should have taken!

Petaling Street at night

The entrance to Petaling Street


CrazyUncle said...

Yeah, I always enjoyed walking through KL (including Chinatown) and eating at some of the stalls. I did have to be persuaded to do that the first trip, but tried it on my own during subsequent visits. However, it was in Seoul that I went to see Guys and Dolls in Korean. Enjoy your visit.