Kayaking Escapades and the return to Auckland

We started the day intending to take it easy....instead we kayaked down a river to the lake and back!  We had a great time on the way down the river and exploring Lake Taupo!  The way back was tough....Will (the vineyard and chalet caretaker) even started to worry about us.  We made it back though and still had enough energy to pose for kayaking photos!  Then we got the pleasure of chatting and wine tasting with Will and XX.   We spent the afternoon at a local cafe and topped off the day attempting to watch a movie.  We tried three different DVDs before giving up and heading to bed!

Justin right before he flipped over in the tiniest kayak ever

Couple shots...we switched kayaks!

Kayaking sisters...this looks like a lake but I promise there was a current!

Wahoo for couple shots and successful kayaking!
The next day we had a leisurely morning at the chalet before heading back to Auckland via Taupo.  We explored some of Taupo and visited Huka Falls.  We had a lunch at Cafe Pinot where I enjoyed pancakes topped with bacon and bananas (a kiwi favorite).   Cafe Pinot is set on a vineyard near Huka Falls and we were the only people in the place but it did have great food. 

Blurry vineyard photo...I love this shot and hate that it is blurry!

Amazing Huka Falls....again
View out of Cafe Pinot

Posing with our matching Malaysian Longchamp bags
We arrived back in Auckland in time for dinner at our local fav, Britomart Brewery.  K and A enjoyed it as much as we do!


CrazyUncle said...

I remember Justin blogging about the bacon donuts in Portland one time (yeah, remember when he had a blog?). Anyway, now you are having banana and bacon pancakes. Is J an baconophile?

Glad y'all made t back from the kayaking. Otherwise, who would update your blog?